Impact through perseverance

Our Mission:

We create lasting solutions to end poverty, social injustices, and isolation in Toronto

Our Vision:

A city where everyone thrives

Our Values:


We believe that everyone has qualities and value worthy of admiration


We believe in an inclusive culture of diverse thought experience, and background


Commitments we make will be commitments kept

Care And Compassion

We live out our commitment for social justice through thoughtful action


We are responsible for our actions, and inactions

Land Acknowlegment

Dixon Hall acknowledges that the land on which we operate is situated upon the traditional territories of the Huron-Wendat, Anishinabek Nation, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, and now the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nations. Today, the meeting place of Toronto is still the home to many Indigenous peoples from across Turtle Island, and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work in the community, on this territory.

Our Impact Through Perseverance theme resonated with all Dixon Hall stakeholders this past year. From assuming the pandemic was just a temporary setback a few years ago, to pivoting drastically and sustaining the changes to program and service delivery, we persevered.

As you will see from this Impact Report, we were honoured, relieved, and thrilled to increase our support for our community. As we come out of the pandemic and resume in-person services, we are proud to keep best practices and lessons learned.

Our Board served heroically, with the pandemic uprooting our activities, and in executing a search for our new CEO. The Board unanimously chose Mina Mawani for her fearless capabilities to manage growth and change at Dixon Hall. Thanks to our Board, Mina, our Staff, Clients, Donors, and especially to you, our Champion, we’re set up for great things this year and beyond.

Message from the Board Chair and the CEO

The true measure of our work in the Toronto East Community is the impact that our programs and services have on the members of the varied and diverse communities we serve. As a social service organization, we continually assess and ensure that our approaches and interventions are having the desired effect on addressing the challenges and service gaps identified within our community – the people in the community living in poverty, contending with various forms of social injustices, social isolation, and mental health conditions.

In responding to the new and emerging challenges, we are grateful to, and deeply appreciative of the leadership and dedication of our staff, volunteers, members of our Board of Directors, and many of the community partners and supporters who rallied and answered the call, which allowed us to connect, collaborate, and continue serving the people who are the fabric of our community. Throughout the pandemic, food insecurity became an even larger issue for our community and we met this need through Meals on Wheels, delivery of food baskets, and a new Food Box program for the families of our young musicians.

Our Youth Centre opened last year after years of construction, and it has been filled to capacity with children, youth, and young musicians. We are so grateful to Bill and Cathy Graham for their generosity in making the Youth Centre a reality. Bill sadly passed away this summer but his legacy lives on at Dixon Hall and through the thousands of children who will benefit from the Bill Graham Youth Centre for years to come. We would also like to acknowledge and thank our outgoing Board Chair, Rod Bolger, for his tireless support in seeing this building through to completion. Rod’s stewardship through the pandemic was outstanding, and he leaves Dixon Hall better off, thanks to his leadership.

Looking to the years ahead, we embrace the lessons learned and the opportunities that emerged over the past two years. We will continue working collaboratively with our longstanding partners to ensure that together we can have a deeper impact on systemic homelessness. As we convert our beds from emergency shelters to affordable and supportive housing, we will persevere by continuing to create a community where people can access the services they need for their health and wellbeing. We remain steadfast in pursuit of our vision; creating a city where everyone thrives.

With best wishes,
Cameron Scrivens, Board Chair
Mina Mawani, CEO

photo of Cameron Scrivens, Board Chair photo of Mina Mawani, CEO

“We wish to thank outgoing CEO Mercedes Watson for her leadership over the past four years. We welcome Mina and her extensive leadership experience in the non-profit, public, and private sectors. Mina is a visionary leader with a deep passion for empowering communities. We are excited to have her lead the organization through the next phase of its development.”

Cameron Scrivens

2021-2022: Our Impact

1,500 people
in employment training, workshops and job fairs

return rate
for Music School students

4,446 supportive case management hours were provided to seniors

Over 700,000 meals provided in our shelter system

Bill Graham Youth Centre opening

Over 230,000
overnight bed nights provided

387 refugees and permanent residents served

884 virtual mentoring, tutoring, and counselling sessions with youth

7,539 music lessons were provided

912 virtual youth workshops

85 seniors enrolled in Adult/Alzheimer’s Day Programs


Over 26 graduates in sector skills and employment essentials

Over 3,000 senior safety checks and wellness calls

100+ individuals secured permanent housing

90% music lesson attendance rate throughout the pandemic

180 individuals received job search support, 101 employed

350 volunteers with 16 volunteers giving more than 100 hours

67,635 meals were delivered through Meals on Wheels

6,500 harm reduction interventions

Over 550 children & youth in our Programs

100% of Music School students in grade 12 entered post secondary school

Music School

  • The Dixon Hall Music School was founded in 1978
  • Has taught thousands of children from the surrounding Regent Park, Moss Park, and St. Lawrence communities
  • Has been a catalyst for enabling youth to envision a productive, engaged, and successful life, starting when they first come to our doors and for years later

Updates for the year:

  • Private and group lessons
  • Spring and summer music camps
  • Lessons as low as $4/lesson
  • Instruments to rent for the community
  • Free tickets to concerts (music, dance, and theatre)

Client Story

“I have been studying at the Music School for almost a decade. I started choir and piano when I was just six years old. Dixon Hall has provided me with a variety of opportunities that have proven to be challenging, fun and rewarding.

However, due to the pandemic, I found these opportunities harder to enjoy. Going to my music lessons just didn’t fit into my interests anymore.

Sometimes a little break is all we need to keep going. It made me realize how much I missed the piano. It helped me renew my commitment to lessons and urged me to try to do better. I have rediscovered my inner musician!

I have learned that having a busy schedule shouldn’t take away what I enjoy. My teachers and the music programs I have been a part of have supported me all the way through. Having a support system and people I can rely on has motivated me to do better and achieve my personal goals as a musician.”

Reena, Student

Children & Youth

  • The department works with over 600 children and young people every year
  • Ranging in age from 3-29
  • Programs are tailored to the needs of our participants and their families
  • Programs include March Break and Summer Camps, after-school, evening, and weekend activities, as well as parental and family support

Updates for the year:

  • This year, unlike the previous two years, we were able to offer our Summer Camp in person and at full capacity
  • Most popular Zoom sessions were writing, yoga, boxing, journaling, storytelling, and our hockey skill development program

Client Story

“I love camp because I play a lot and I get to play with my god-sister- I get to play all day- I will really miss summer day camp.”

Taryn, Camper


“I couldn’t wait to work at Dixon Hall. I loved coming to camp as a kid, some of my best memories as a kid happened at camp. I had a counsellor named Tricia, and she always made me feel special, she would always have extra snacks in her bag for me. She knew my favourite colour, she played the best games with us, and she taught me how to float. Now I am the counsellor that the kids will remember and talk about years later.”

Mathias, Senior Counsellor

Client Story

Jaime was 8 years old when we first met her; she was living with foster parents in the community. Jaime was shy, had delayed social and emotional development, and avoided engaging with the staff. For four years, the Children’s Aid worker made sure that no matter which foster home Jaime was placed in, she could still attend summer camp. Jaime’s voice developed throughout high school thanks to her participation in Girl Fit, the monthly workshops, the March Break retreats, and Summer Slam. In 2021, she graduated with honours, and is now a Speech Pathologist. Without their own families, most children who are crown wards rely heavily on community support and the kindness of those around them. We have attended every dance performance, graduation, housewarming and even her baptism. During the pandemic, she volunteered as a tutor, and helped deliver meals. Recently, she announced her engagement and she is over the moon.

Housing Services

Housing Services at Dixon Hall is committed to ensuring that homelessness is rare, brief, and non-recurring as quickly, safely, and permanently as possible. For over twenty years, we have helped Toronto’s homeless and vulnerable residents find safe, stable housing through our shelter and housing support programs. Even through the pandemic, we moved quickly to address the problems caused by COVID.


Updates for the year:

  • 12,085 meals were served through the SDL and Layered Supports community food programming. This included:
    • Tuesday, Wednesday restaurant lunch, Friday breakfast, and Monday and Thursday off-site dinners in partnership with our food providers
    • Layered Supports’ meal kits and prepared meals included in Dixon Hall’s Hamper program, supplied by the Senator restaurant
  • Our committed staff continued to work tirelessly through the second year of the global pandemic
  • Our shelter hotels continued operating through the pandemic. Each had their distinct demographics but the same goal: to reduce COVID transmission and support individuals experiencing homelessness
photo of a shelter nurse  

Client Story

One of our clients, a single mother moved to Toronto from Montreal around three years ago with her 16-year-old daughter to get away from her abusive partner and a personal tragedy. She slept in parks and stairwells at first, and then sought refuge with her daughter at the Robinson House. Her daughter eventually moved out with her own partner. Left by herself, the client sought shelter at the Heyworth House. She had some success in the job market, but COVID ultimately cost her the position. After being relocated to Strathcona, she worked diligently to find employment. As a way to give back to the community, she decided to do some Peer Support Work. Currently, she is preparing to relocate into our Rapid Rehousing Unit. Even though COVID is still with us, she is pleased and excited to start a new chapter in her life, during which she hopes to find employment and reclaim her independence.

Real Estate

In fall 2020, we completed the construction of our Bill Graham Youth Centre.

  • Located at 51 Wyatt Avenue
  • It was built to provide a welcoming environment where young people from Regent Park and the surrounding communities can come together to take part in the programs offered to youth
  • Children and youth can make connections with one another, gain new knowledge and experiences, and simply have fun at the Centre Inside the new Youth Centre, you’ll find the same vibrant external design that greets you at the doors. Our young community members and three Toronto artists, Jacquie Comrie, Peru Dyer Jalae, and Kirsten McCrea collaborated on murals that provide colour and life to the space and encourage those who take part in our programs to reach for the stars.

Updates for the year:

We have begun revitalizing our space at 58 Sumach Street. The updated building will be an open and inclusive community hub welcoming people in need of supports for housing, food security, settlement services, and employment assistance. It will enable enhanced community programming for almost 3,000 individuals per year focused on advancing the social determinants of health.

Community partners are excited about the project and looking forward to the new building.

Employment Services

Our Employment Services support underserved residents of downtown East Toronto. We help people of all ages enter the workforce, whether they may be advancing their career or returning to employment. Our clients are tough, independent, and curious. Our trainings and programs boost participants’ employability in today’s dynamic employment market.

  • In the aftermath of the pandemic, our Employment Services team continued to provide services through hybrid programming
  • Thanks to our wonderful partnership with community agencies such as Labour Education Centre, Fred Victor, Cater Toronto and the support of our donors, City of Toronto, and RBC, we delivered an 8-week hybrid skill building and employment programs in Trade and Construction, Hospitality and Food and Culinary

Updates for the year:

  • We partnered with George Brown, Continuing Education Centre for Hospitality & Culinary Arts, through our Incubator program
  • We provided job search support and employment through our Employment Ontario program
  • Through our Better Food Work Program, we gave Ontario Works (OW) recipients hybrid skill building training in the Food Sector
  • In partnership with Flow Coaching Institute we provided life stabilization support through our Wrap Around program to over 45 Ontario Works recipients
  • 48 individuals participated in Literacy and Basic Skills program and over 70 people received certifications in Digital Literacy, Smart Serve and Food Safety

Client Story

“Before I met Dixon Hall, I struggled to get called for a first interview. I lacked a proper resume; I lacked interview skills. After I met Dixon Hall and became an “Assisted Client”, they took my resume and told me all the mistakes I had and taught me all the things I can change so I can pass the filtering system and reach the employers.

They asked me if I had questions and I asked to get help with interviews. They arranged a mock interview and through the advice of the mock interview, not only did I pass the first interview, I was also scheduled for a second interview and then got the job.

Throughout my days at Dixon Hall, I was taught a number of things including how to do cover letters, and the things that I thought were advantageous was changed to more appropriate parts such as showing my professional profile instead of giving them my address.”

Michael, Client

Seniors’ Services

Annual increases in Toronto’s elderly population highlight the growing importance of Seniors’ Services to the city’s economy and quality of life. Every year, our compassionate staff and volunteers help over 2,100 clients and their families from a wide range of backgrounds by providing them with cost-effective and essential support services.

Many people rely on the Seniors’ Services at Dixon Hall. As a loved one ages, they receive all the emotional and physical support they need here, at Dixon Hall.


Updates for the year:

  • Staff engaged with clients to assist with pre-registering/registering for their COVID vaccinations
  • Offered free transportation along with our Toronto Ride transportation partnership through our transportation program to and from vaccination clinics
  • Seniors’ Services and the Music School collaborated to offer a virtual intergenerational music program. A music school participant and senior were paired up to engage with one another through music. Students from the music school showcased their musical talents through instrument or voice which facilitated dynamic and animated conversations

Client Story

During the pandemic we celebrated Audrey’s 100th birthday at Dixon Hall. She has been receiving services from Dixon Hall since 2018, including the Assistive Living for Seniors, Meals on Wheels, and the Day program since 2019. Audrey rarely sees her daughter since she lives two hours away and does not own a car. As Audrey’s capacity to remember things and perform daily tasks has been deteriorating over the years, she relies on the PSWs to help with her daily activities: personal care, meal preparation, medication reminders, and money management to buy groceries and personal items. Once a week, she attends the Day Program to socialize with other seniors, which she enjoys. Her daughter keeps in touch with us regularly to stay updated on her mother. Her daughter says, “I would be a fish out of water if I didn’t have you guys (DH).”

Volunteer Services

Our volunteers are an integral part of Dixon hall. Many of our programs and services would not be possible without the help and compassion of our volunteers. Here is a highlight of the amount of effort our volunteers have put in to help us achieve our goals this year.


Updates for the year:

  • Some of the volunteer programs that were active during the pandemic included Supports to Daily Food, Telephone Reassurance, and Adult and Wellness
  • Volunteers have been an enormous help with delivering our daily programs
  • During COVID, we partnered with Bike Brigades to enhance our meal delivery method
  • Throughout the pandemic, corporate volunteers were a tremendous source of help

Volunteer Profile

Wes Jean was a former Dixon Hall shelter worker. He retired in 2006 and asked that all presents and donations be used for the Seniors’ Health and Wellness art class in his honour. After retirement, Wes dedicated his time volunteering in this Art Class.

Wes donated two hours a week to the Art Class. He has been a very kind, patient teacher who has supported participants to paint at their own pace with both watercolour and acrylic paint. He frequently went above and beyond for participants, painting portraits of people through extremely difficult times, such as a painting for the son of one of our members who passed away and a beloved dog painting for another participant who was in mourning.

After 16 years, Wes is now retiring from being a volunteer. We thank Wes for his dedication to Dixon Hall as an employee and volunteer. He will be greatly missed!

Settlement Services

Settlement Services help newcomers adjust to life in Canada by connecting individuals to social and professional networks; providing information and resources that they require to live and work in Canada. In addition to one-on-one counselling, conversation circles, workshops, support for translation and interpretation, and assistance with making decisions about living in Canada, services are provided in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Bengali.


Updates for the year:

  • Shifted to offering Conversation Circles virtually supporting newcomers to cope with the pandemic by offering COVID discussion topics including: support in accessing the vaccine, COVID symptoms and how to use rapid antigen test kits
  • Provided virtual or phone support and wellness checks for newcomer seniors coping with isolation
  • Supported clients in their quest to become Canadian citizens, refugee claimants and permanent residents

Client Story

“My husband and I landed on May 12, 2022. As a newcomer family, we had no knowledge about what we needed to do first. We walked into the Settlement Services office at Dixon Hall. The staff welcomed us warmly. They listened to our situation patiently and provided information as needed. With their help, we had information about the Canadian culture, social wealth system, housing system and the medical system. We gained a better understanding of the Canadian life. The settlement services we received from DH makes us feel that Canada cares about newcomers and we are welcomed in this country.”

Thank you Volunteers and Staff

Dixon Hall gratefully acknowledges the following staff with twenty+ years of dedicated service to the organization:

Benoit, Carmen

Consalvo, Nancy

Jeffers, Anne

Chow, Christine

McKitrick, Robert

Shao, Norman

Bautista, Tessie

Garcia, Angelito

Paynter, Victorine

Stainthorpe, Darrin

Baranosky, Randal

Schmid, Ruth

Rudden, Angela

James, Tracy

Yuz, Caryn

Gomes, Ana

Delabarrera, Dinath

Sulit, Betty A

Gaudet, Jill

Javaid, Khalid

Jeschkeit, Laura

Thompson, Veronica

Alipour, Sima

Slater, Kenneth

Thank you to our Supporters


The Azrieli Foundation

The Slaight Family

$25,000 – $99,999

Peter Gilgan Foundation

Halsall Family Foundation

Robert Kerr Foundation

Tim Moseley and Yung Dai

RBC Foundation

Tyler Shaw

The Silver Hotel Group/Ruparell Foundation

Estate Of Claire Helen Duerden Walsh

$10,000 – $24,999

Anonymous (5)

1832 Asset Management L.P.

Nancy and Rod Bolger

Michael Dunn


Cathy and The Honourable Bill Graham

Suzanne Labarge

Marie Day Laufer

Nancy MacKellar

Catherine and Maxwell Meighen Foundation

Motz Family Foundation

Quinn Family Future Foundation

The Hope Charitable Founation

The KPMG Foundation

The Minstrel Foundation For Music And Arts Advancement

Tippet Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999

Anonymous (2)

The Daniels Corporation

Delbridge Contracting Limited

Vivien Dzau and Daniel MacIntosh

Entertainment One Music

Greater Toronto Apartment Association

Martin Lundie

Macdero Construction Limited

George and Del Milbrandt

David Mun

Timothy and Frances Price

Rhoda and Herb Singer Family Foundation

Stephen Sienko

Sinking Ship Productions Inc.

Dawn Tattle Family Foundation

Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund

TSX Inc.


$1,000 – $4,999

Anonymous (2)

Derek Amery

APEX Public Relations

D. Arcand

Susan Bartlett

Paul and Kaye Beeston

Oscar Belaiche

Scott Bell and Susan Nickerson

James Beninger

Brian Bimm and Margaret Lynch

Philip Bolton

Alison Booth

Gillian Brown

Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.

Andrea Burke

Jenna Bushnell

Carlton On The Park

Patrick Chase

Elaine Chin

CHUM Charitable Foundation

Creative Planning Financial Group

Gordon Currie

Michael Daum

Anne Davies

Jonathan Doda

Estate of Joseph Donoghue

Dorrance Drummond Family Foundation

Ann Dunlop

Joan Eddy

Liam Elliott

Sam Evangelista

Clench House Foundation

Jason Gibbs

Laurie Gilbert

Peter Gill

Jordana Greenberg

Nona Heaslip

The Hermant Family Foundation

Rivette Herzig

Elspeth Heyworth Bursary Fund at Toronto Foundation

Homeless Connect Toronto

Colin and Teresa R. Hughes

Donna Hui

Patterson and Patricia Hume Foundation

Roberta Hunter

Hydro One

Jackman Foundation

Patricia Jackson

Jill James

The Henry White Kinnear Foundation

J. Spencer Lanthier

Dee Lewis

John Macleod

Margaret Magee

Judith Malkin

Joan McCalla Fund

Mary McDougall Maude

Ross McGregor and Julie White

Patrick Moran

Blake Murray and Nancy Riley

The Muttart Foundation

Harry A. Newman Memorial Foundation

Ontario REALTORS Care Foundation

Gilles and Julia Ouellette

Susan Parks

Debra Pepler

Performing Arts Lodges, Toronto

Primerica Life Insurance Company of Canada


David Reycraft

Ian Robinson

Rosedale United Church

Derrick Ross

The Rossy Foundation Section Architects Ltd.

Travis Shaw

Karen Smiley

Nancy Smith

Byron Sonberg

Christopher Southam

Ron Stokes

Martyn Stollar

Stringer LLP Management Lawyers

N. James Swan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Synergy Partners Consulting Ltd.

TD Bank Group

Turco Persian Rug Company Inc.

Vine Group Ltd.

John Clyde Wagner

Karla Wallace

Waratah Capital Advisors Ltd.

Mercedes Watson

Jessica Wei

Judith Wilder

Shirley Woo

Ian Worling

Youth and Philanthropy Initiative Canada

Dan Yungblut

Bill Graham Youth Centre Capital Campaign

The following donors generously supported our Capital Campaign. Thanks to you, we’ve built the new Bill Graham Youth Centre in the heart of Regent Park.


Cathy and The Honourable Bill Graham

$100,000 – $999,999

Nancy and Rod Bolger

Clark Family Foundation

The Daniels Corporation

Employees of CIBC Capital Markets, through United Way Toronto & York Region Campaign


The Honourable Margaret McCain

Ada Slaight

TD Bank Group

Jeff Thomas and Christie Love Thomas

$50,000 – $99,999

The Azrieli Foundation

Bickle-Wilder Foundation, through United Way

BMO Financial Group

Vivien Dzau and Daniel MacIntosh

The Fyfe Foundation

The Gordon and Ruth Gooder Charitable Foundation

Pace Family Foundation

$25,000 – $49,999

Scott Bell and Susan Nickerson

Cambria Design Build Limited

Karen Girling and Bruce MacLellan

Neil Hetherington

Steven K. Hudson

Hal Jackman Foundation

Martin Lundie

Nancy MacKellar

Judith Malkin and Elliott Jacobson

Myfanwy Marshall and Matthew Willis

Pat McNamara

RBC Foundation


Martha Tory

$10,000 – $24,999

4 Star Drywall Limited


The Elizabeth and Tony Comper Foundation

The Thompson T. Egbo-Egbo Arts Foundation

Patrick Gossage

Gordon and Pamela Henderson

k2 designworks inc.

Diane Metcalf King

Suzanne Labarge

Malone Family

Nancy and John McFadyen

Pat and Tony Minard

Bill Morneau and Nancy McCain

Tim Moseley and Yung Dai

Paragon Drywall Contracting Limited

Kathleen and David Penny

Valerie and Andrew Pringle

Robins Appleby LLP

Junior Sirivar

Kate Stark


$1,000 – $9,999

Jean Blacklock and Andrew Auerbach

Haris Blentic

Sarah Caskey and Richard Swan

Robert Brien and Darren Cooney

Raymond Chang

Charles Coffey

Irene David

Dan Donnelly

Golden Credit Card Trust

Janet and Bill Hallett

Nona Heaslip

Tom and Mary Jane Heintzman

Audrey S. Hellyer Charitable Foundation

IBM Matching Program

Jackman Foundation

Francine Lewis

Lok Hing Liu

Adrian and The Honourable Donald S. Macdonald

Peter MacKenzie and Kate Zeidler

Sue and Steve Murphy

Blake Murray and Nancy Riley

John Ramdeen

Cameron Scrivens

Nancy Smith

Danielle Szandtner and John Fox

Heather Thomson

James Tucker

Barbara Volk

Joanne Warner

Sandra Young


UP TO $999

Joyce Affroh-Konrad

Clair Balfour and Marci McDonald

Body By Chosen

Walter M. and Lisa Balfour Bowen

C’est What?

Parker Chase

Christine Chow

Phyllis and Robert Couzin

Barbara Feldberg

Lorraine Floody

Denise Gho

Lou Gizzarelli

Tony Grewal

Norm Guilfoyle

F. Aquila Hanseer-Rizvi

Brandon Howe

Cathy Jones and David Reville

Douglas Lawrence

Mary McDougall Maude

Denice Morris

Andrew Noel

Heather and Jim Peterson

Andrew Pickersgill

Kerry Pond

Jane Prokaska

David Reycraft

Mat Savulescu

Gregory Sorbara

Jena Tarabad

Sonja Terek

Esther Tock

Chris Woit

Polly Wong

Financial Statements

Revenues (thousands) $25,106

  • Federal: 1%
  • Provincial: 13%
  • Municipal: 72%
  • Donors: 6%
  • United Way: 3%
  • User Fees: 3%
  • Other: 2%

Expenses (thousands) $24,696

  • Neighbourhood: 7%
  • Employment: 5%
  • Seniors: 13%
  • Community Development: 1%
  • Other: 1%
  • Housing: 73%

Funders 2021-2022

Canada logo


Employment and Social Development Canada

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Public Health Agency

Ministry of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Ontario logo


Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility

Ontario Health/p>

Ministry of Infrastructure

Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development

Toronto logo


Children’s Services

Community Services Partnership – CSP

Housing Secretariat

Shelter, Support & Housing Administration / Housing Support Services

Toronto Employment and Social Services

Environment and Energy

Social Development, Finance & Administration

United Way logo

Dixon Hall is proud to be a United Way Greater Toronto Anchor Agency

Our Locations

A 85 The Esplanade B 354 and 349 George Street c 188-192 Carlton Street
D 351 Lakeshore Blvd. East E 402 Shuter Street F 58 Sumach Street
G 51 Wyatt Avenue H 2714 Danforth Avenue I 502-508 Parliament Street*

Temporary Shelter Hotels

A 65 Dundas Street East
B 56 Yonge Street
C 60 York Street

Order of Dixon

The Order of Dixon Award was established to recognize the outstanding contributions of volunteers, donors, family members, and community champions who have impacted the life and work of Dixon Hall in the community. This is our agency’s most notable award and past recipients have made tremendous contributions to the clients and members of Dixon Hall.

Here are our Order of Dixon recipients for 2021:

Rod Bolger

Monty Hanson

Fredrick Campbell

Board of Directors

Cameron Scrivens,

Susanne Gossage,

Kevin Hibbert, FCPA, FCA,
Vice-Chair & Treasurer

Scott Bell,

Jordana Greenberg

Kelly Lawless

Tim Moseley

Dave Mun

Dr. Robert Nam, MD, FRCSC

Ron Stokes

Dixon Hall acknowledges the importance of addressing the social determinants of health. These are non-medical factors that influence health outcomes, in other words, social and economic factors that influence health. The following are commonly understood to be the primary social determinants of health: income and income distribution, education, unemployment and job security, employment and working conditions, early childhood development, food insecurity, housing, social exclusion, social safety network, health services, Aboriginal status, gender, race, and disability.

At Dixon Hall, we ground our programming objectives within these broader principles recognizing that there are inequities around many of the social determinants of health that impact our community members. We will continue to work towards appropriately addressing the longstanding systemic challenges experienced by our clients.